Chiropractor for Slipped Disc

Intervertebral Disc Injuries aka Slipped Disc are one of the most common conditions we treat as Chiropractors. This is because these gel filled discs that act as cushions between spinal bones are placed under great pressure when we are in slouched or hunched position.

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Hours of sitting at work or carrying out our daily routines with a slouched posture can add to our disc pressure. Disc damage can first be felt as soreness or stiff joints and often progresses to acute pain at the site of injury, usually the neck or lower back are affected.

A significantly damaged Disc may press on important spinal nerve roots which carry messages from the brain to our body. Obviously this is bad, and may cause numbness, tingling, muscle twitching or muscle weakness in the arms or legs. If treated in time Chiropractic care can help to safely treat this problem and restore the healthy You.

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