Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain and Chiropractic Care

Shoulder pain is a common problem that affects people in many different occupations. It is usually caused by repetitive use, accidents and blunt force trauma.

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Benefits of seeing a chiropractor for shoulder pain

You don’t necessarily need to undergo a painful, invasive surgery or take lots of medications when you have shoulder pain. You can see a chiropractor instead. Chiropractors are a much less invasive alternative to most traditional treatments.

Chiropractors can help with many different causes of shoulder pain, including:

  • Rotator cuff problems
  • Sprained shoulders
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Tendinitis
  • Frozen shoulders

Here are some ways that your chiropractor can help.

Minimising discomfort and pain

Many shoulder problems are very painful. The pain can cause a number of secondary issues, such as insomnia and chronic stress. Chiropractic care can help minimise discomfort. This will significantly improve your quality of life.

Improving your range of motion and flexibility

Shoulder pain may impair your range of motion and flexibility. A chiropractor can reverse this problem. This can be particularly important if your shoulder problem had impaired your ability to work.

Reducing inflammation

Shoulder problems can also cause high levels of inflammation. This can lead to a number of other health problems, including insomnia, elevated cortisol levels and an increased risk of cancer.

Your chiropractor can reduce your inflammation levels considerably. You may notice a reduction in inflammation in as little as one treatment.

How can your chiropractor help?

Your chiropractor will carefully assess your shoulder to make a diagnosis. They need to get a clear understanding of the problem before providing treatment. They can often determine the cause of the problem through a manual inspection of your shoulder. However, they may need to use an X-ray or MRI. The diagnostic process is going to depend on the nature of the injury.

They may determine that your shoulder pain is caused by irritation of your nerves in your lower neck or upper back. They may also determine that inflammation of your tendons, ligaments or muscles is the primary cause.

Once the chiropractor has isolated the cause of the pain, they will come up with a targeted treatment plan. They will provide a treatment that is aggressive enough to reduce the swelling and inflammation, but not so intense that it worsens the injury.

There are different ways that a chiropractor can reverse shoulder pain problems. A chiropractor will help relieve tension in your muscles, which will put less pressure on the injured part of your shoulder. They could also provide relief to trapped nerves.

Your chiropractor can often provide relief purely through manual manipulation of your joints and muscles. However, they have other techniques that they can use as well. They may use ultrasound to provide extra relief if you have extreme swelling in the muscles and joints around your shoulder.

Chiropractic treatment is usually enough to provide the desired outcome by itself. However, it could also be used in conjunction with other treatments. Your chiropractor will work closely with your other healthcare professionals to give you the best care.

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