Chiropractor for Back Pain

The Lower back is the sturdy foundation for the rest of the spine to depend on. When we have a healthy lower back we don’t realise its importance in everything we do. We often forget to take proper care of our lumbar spine and we place great stress on it as we sit in bad posture at work for more than 6 hours a day, or forget to exercise, or lift heavy loads incorrectly.

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This is when many of us start to feel soreness in the lower back. Symptoms often occur after sitting or standing still for some time, or when standing up from a chair, or even when we are supposed to feel most refreshed on waking in the morning.

These are signs that your foundation aka lumbar spine is not healthy and needs attention. Many Low back pain sufferers resign to their lower standard of living and give up activities that they once enjoyed, believing that poor spinal health is part of ‘getting old’. Chiropractic care can help to rejuvenate your lower back and restore your strong foundations allowing you to return to your active healthy life.

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