Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Firstly, ask yourself this. Is it normal to experience pain? If you answered no, continue reading on.

When we start to feel pain, it is our body trying to send us a warning signal that we should do something to prevent further damage (Body’s defensive mechanism).

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Neck aches and pains are one of the top complaints we encounter in the clinic. This is likely attributed to the fact that most of us have got our faces glued to our phones or computers. Think about your neck position as you are reading this, is your head looking down at your phone or is your head shifting forward, leaning towards the computer screen?

On average the human head weighs about 5kg and as our head starts to shift away from the midline, the tension in our neck and shoulders start to increase in order to support the head. This will result in aches and pains over time. The most common causes for neck pain are poor posture, poor ergonomics and poor care after injury/pain has occurred. If you suffer from any pains, aches, stiffness/tightness, numbness or tingling, please do not hesitate to come in for an assessment.

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